It is amidst beautiful country surroundings that children who attend The Cotswold Country Montessori School are encouraged to participate in a holistic, peaceful education. 

Founded in 1996, The Cotswold Primary and Preschool offers Montessori education that follows the child from 2 to 13 years.  The preschool offers education to children from 2 to 6 years of age while the primary school caters for Grade 1 to 7 pupils.  The school follows the Montessori Method, used in over 22 000 schools globally, to educate and foster “Learning for Life”.  


The Cotswold Country Montessori School provides children with a rich indoor and outdoor environment, including opportunities for nature walks, feeding the animals at the duck pond, becoming acquainted with the lifecycle of chicks and ducklings firsthand, and cultivating their own vegetable gardens.  The school grounds are also home to a variety of wild birds and animals including peacocks, guinea fowl, owls and rabbits in the Benoni area.


Tel: 079 366 7772

kids under tree

"Learning for Life"