The Cotswold Country Montessori School is situated in Benoni, Gauteng near the source of the Limpopo River on grounds that have an interesting history.

In the late 1890s the 18 500m² grounds were part of a large estate used by the Earl of Craven as part of his hunting lodge.  It was later owned by G Rennie – a well known property owner at the time.  Built originally with sandstone from a neighbouring quarry, the thatch classrooms blend into the tranquil country grounds.

The Cotswold Montessori provides children a rich indoor and outdoor environment, including opportunities for nature walks, feeding the animals at the duck pond, hand rearing chicks and ducklings and cultivating their own vegetable garden.  The school grounds are also home to a variety of wild birds and animals including peacocks, guinea fowl, owls and rabbits.

The Cotswold Montessori offers education for children from 2½ - 13 years of age.  A child’s education is divided into phases beginning with the 3 - 6 years phase in the Preschool.  The Primary School has two phases.  The Lower Elementary has three 6 - 9 year old classes and there are two Upper Elementary classes for 9 - 12 year olds.  The school provides a unique and loving environment in which children are educated and the skills of “Learning for Life” are developed using the Montessori Method.

This incomparable school was started by May Selkirk in 1996, who felt the need for urban children to be exposed to nature and an enthusiastic love of learning as a fundamental part of schooling.  It is amidst these surroundings that children who attend The Cotswold Country Montessori School are encouraged to develop.


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