What is education and what does it mean to educate a child?

At The Cotswold our aim is to educate our pupils, not just academically but in every aspect of their existence. We aim to educate each of our pupils to enable them to be the best person that they can be. Using the Montessori philosophy we teach each child to believe in him- or herself. We attempt to teach our pupils to deal with social and behavioural issues which allow our pupils to grow in independence and confidence.

In educating our children we value:

  • Respect of the child,
  • Attending to individual differences in the child – seeing the child as an individual,
  • Getting the child interested and involved in their own education.

These characteristics are the backbone of Montessori education and so make this the ideal system of education for all children, all over the world. The other central component of Montessori education which makes it work is the importance of observation of the child as this is what allows us to know our pupils well - we cannot help a child to learn for themself unless we really care for them and know them well.

At The Cotswold we feel that through the use of Montessori philosophy and the observation and care of our pupils, we allow each of our pupils to reach his or her full potential. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each of our pupils and acknowledge that they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. We aim to build on their strengths and assist them to overcome their weaknesses. Above all, we believe that through respect and gentleness we can help each pupil to reach his or her goals in life.

Beverly Hilder

B.A. HDip.Ed (University of Witw.),  Cert Montessori Cosmic Education, Montessori Elementary Diploma 6-12 (Headstart).

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