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Our Primary School was opened in 2001 when parents urged the school to continue the excellent education offered to the preschoolers. The buildings Guinea Fowl House and Gate House accommodate two environments for Lower Primary (6 - 9 year olds).  Wattle house accomodates one house of Lower Primary and two houses of Upper Primary (9 - 13 year olds).

The mixed age classes offer definite benefits to all children and has proved to be a cornerstone in the Montessori Method of teaching for the last 100 years.  Classes provide real models for imitation for younger children and give older children the opportunity to reinforce their own knowledge (and gain confidence in their abilities) by helping the younger children.

A beautiful sense of community, care and consideration for others results.

Classrooms are laid out with distinct areas of learning i.e. Math, Geometry, Art, and Cultural areas (Natural Science, History and Geography).  At the end of Year 7 our pupils leave The Cotswold Country Montessori School extremely well equipped to handle the more traditional school requirements.

In keeping with our motto “Learning for Life” the school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities enabling children to develop both physically and mentally.  The emphasis is on the development of the individual where participation by all is encouraged regardless of ability.  This is best demonstrated in our school Sports Day and Concert where all pupils participate enthusiastically.